Quick update to all my BI friends. I’m speaking #24HOP!

I’m super excited for the opportunity to present on one of my favorite Power BI topics: Data Storytelling. I love taking Power BI users through some practical techniques that exploit Power BI’s potential as a leading data narrative medium.

I’ll cover some basic in theory about opportunities and barriers related to storytelling, but the main purpose is to deliver practical takeaways and a sense that your own reports contain tremendous potential that can be accessed with just a little know-how.

Features like bookmarks, tooltip report pages – also known as “Cool-tips” in my world –, and interactive popups are just a few examples of how you can turn dull reports into a more dynamic experience.  This session introduces some of those Fundamental design patterns.

You can register for my session on Data Storytelling with Power BI:

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We’ll cover some fun and effective ways to turn your Power BI report into a more compelling digital narrative by leveraging Power BI’s storytelling capabilities. Hope to see you there!