Intro to Data Storytelling with Power BI

Hot beverage, Inspiration, Power BI…. Time to create! 🙂

Oh, the joy of creation! 😀

I just wrapped up designing a Lab for our new Data Storytelling with Power BI course at Pragmatic Works, and it was SO FUN to create an interactive, end-to-end digital narrative. I’m truly fortunate that my boss trusts me and gives me opportunities to lead projects!

As a former journalist, I always feel the data gathering, organizing and disseminating – the Digital Discovery phase, if you will – is critical to an honest, thought-provoking story.

Follow the facts, as my dad told me when I was fresh out of college. That’s your only job: Report the facts.

And so, I relished the opportunity to dig into an area of great interest: The State of the Technology Workforce.

My questions needed answers: What does the tech workforce look like today, especially in terms of future demand? Income? Gender engagement?

I stood on the shoulders of giants who forged through the primary research, the gathering of valid data from original sources. And then I took that data, mashed it up in Power BI and looked at it from new angles.

Snapshot of my Data Storytelling report

Click here to interact with the entire report:

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