Free Power BI Dashboard in a Day Class ONLINE – First Time Ever!

You can be as happy as this guy.

I’m super excited to share an amazing FREE training opportunity Pragmatic Works is sharing with the world!

Typically, we deliver live training for Dashboard in a Day content at Microsoft offices around the country, but we’ve recorded the content and it’s now available for the masses… no need to take time off work! 🙂

Ask not what Power BI can do for you, but what YOU CAN DO with Power BI!

Check it out! using this link:

“For many, it can be difficult to take an entire day out of work to attend these classes in order to learn this technology. That’s why Pragmatic Works has brought all the elements of this class in a virtual package, making it easy to explore all the info and labs that are involved in Microsoft’s Dashboard in a Day.

Manuel Quintana, Pragmatic Works Trainer

To register, visit